Copyrights and Licensing

The contents of this Web site (except the CC logo) and any similarly marked prints are licensed under a Creative Commons License.

My work is precious to me. I use copyrights to protect the way it speaks for me, its value to me, and the income it provides for my family. Please respect this right.

But I also want you to be able to copy and share my art, or use it as a springboard for your own creative work. So you are free to use and reproduce anything in this Web site—or similarly marked prints you may have bought from me—within some reasonable bounds. In a nutshell the rules are: you must give me credit, may not use the work for commercial purposes, and if you alter or transform my work you have to release it under the same license terms.

I release my work under a detailed legal Creative Commons license backing up the terms I just laid out, called Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0. It supplements the broader copyrights, and by using them together I can retain and protect my rights while giving my work—and you—more freedom.

Because freedom, in the right measure, is a good thing.